Did you know that in addition to my singer/songwriter gigs I am available to play private & corporate parties as well? Drawing from a deep catalogue of popular cover tunes from golden era to Elvis to Irish folk to 90's pop, it's the perfect addition to cocktail parties, dinners, conventions, tastings, art exhibits, church picnics, gallery openings- I've played everything and everywhere. My setup is small- just a mic stand, my instruments, a few pedals and an amp but the effect is very powerful, adding a unique panache to any event or gathering. Find me on WhatsApp, message me here or email at valdanielmartins@gmail.com to discuss event ideas and options!


Event rates must include food & drink at the venue. Rates are based on a standard three hour set and are not pro-rated for shorter set requirements (meaning that a single 20 minute set costs the same as a 3 hour set). Rates over three hours will be negotiated on an individual bases, but typically add $150/hr. 

SOLO SHOW (vocals, guitar, harmonica, trumpet, tin whistle, loop pedal) up to 3hrs - $300

DUET (such as additional vocals, drum, fiddle, piano, oboe) up to 3hrs - $500