VALDANIEL is a singer/songwriter and subway performer currently based in NYC. Sighting influences from Irish folk to soul to Latin and African rhythms, Valdaniel loops songs, spoken-word and multiple instruments together to weave a rich cord both tethered in and embellishing the folk songwriter tradition.

"Excellent performer...palpable lyrics...
- Susan Hasho, Theater Pizzazz

Originally from the sylvan hills and dales of Chenango County, NY, he started singing at a young age. Growing up, his mother led the church choir and staged many holiday concerts, which imbued him with a love for performing that never went away. In addition to a plethora of subway stations throughout the city, he has performed his multi-faceted live show and unique sound- which he calls FOLKHOP- all along the eastern seaboard and into the American heartland. Valdaniel has toured in Colombia and Brazil as well as many of New York City's esteemed venues including The Bitter End, The Triad Theater (Stage 72) and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Valdaniel served as musical composer for the rollicking cabaret show "New York Stories" and a new iteration of Ianesco's absurdist play "Rhinoceros"

"Valdaniel combines guitar loops with catchy melodies, beat boxing and trumpet. He never fails to captivate a room."
Niall Connolly, singer/songwriter, folk god

He is currently staging a performance of his original show The PennyPan Cabaret and playing in subways and live music venues across at least four of the five boroughs.